Will Counseling Help Me?

This is a GREAT question and one that I asked and researched before I decided to spend 14 years in college becoming a counselor!

In fact my dissertation was written on how counseling can be effective and ethical.

For those into research, counseling, regardless of what the problem is, can be extremely effective.

Meta-studies analyzing clinical treatment research from present day back to the early 1950’s have shown that people who go to counseling are on average about 80% better off then those with similar problems who do not go to counseling.

That means that counseling is more effective than fluoride in water or aspirin for preventing heart attacks!

For those interested in reading more or seeing the source of this information here is a great book on the subject that I highly recommend but with the disclaimer that it is wordy and heavy in research:



Give counseling a chance, most people are 80% better off than if they didn’t come. Contact me.