Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a beautiful thing and it is worth working on. Every great thing in this world takes time and marriage is no different. It is the assumption that marriage is always supposed to feel good that is the real problem. A good marriage is built on open communication and openness means occasional disagreements, frustrations, excitement, confusion, and all of these things are important.

If you are having difficulties in your marriage come see me. I can help you:

1. Recognize that marriage is no a smooth road all the time

2. Growth comes from bumps, embrace them

3. Letting go of the past is important to be able to live in the future

4. A couple that is connected does not sit looking at one another, they sit by side and look toward the future together

5. There is a difference between being husband/wife and father/mother

You can have the marriage you want. Call me and I can help.