Current Projects


I always have multiple projects going on and am often invited to assist with other’s projects on short notice. Below is a selection of projects I am currently working on alone or with a team of others. If you have any questions please contact me.


  • Exploring Effective Clinical Training and What Works. Multi-year study researching what works in clinical training
  • The Use of Hope in Clinical Practice. A discussion of how hope contributes to change- With Bob Blundo and Kristen Bolton
  • Using Hamlet as Platform for the Construction of Madness. A deconstruction of madness in Hamlet and the construction of normality
  • Derrida and the Languaging of Practice. A discussion of the use of language to construct reality in clinical modalities
  • How Practitioners Really Practice: From Myth to Fact. A mixed methodology study of how practitioners make practice decisions
  • The Use of Analogy in Teaching Complex Ideas. A discussion with examples of how analogy can be used to teach complex clinical ideas